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Re: Help Me Find the right Orange

Post by ScumBum » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:16 pm

0000 wrote:I assume if you've owned your amp that long that you've changed tubes in it a few times already, correct? Have you experimented with different types of give different gain characteristics? Using a tube known for early breakup and higher gain may be all you really need, and not pedals. ... made_tubes" onclick=";return false; ... ube-Review" onclick=";return false;
Yeah I've changed tubes a few times but have always used the same tubes as the stock ones .

I'll check all that info , thanks !

Any particular tube you'd recommend to get a bit more gain ??

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Re: Help Me Find the right Orange

Post by Les Paul Lover » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:47 pm

ScumBum wrote:
Les Paul Lover wrote:I wouldn't recommend the OR15 to you either. I believe you'd be happier with a RV50, TH30 or TV50.
The thing is that most of the music you listed are higher gain and tighter than what your AD30 can offer. It may be that with treble boosting OD pedal, you may get close to what you need with your AD30. But otherwise, I'd recommend any of the 3 listed above - imo, RV50 1st, TH30 2nd, TV50 3rd.

Can you get to try them at all? Are you in a rush?

If I could get the AD30 dialed in with a pedal that would be great .

I have a couple distortion pedals but don't know how to set them up properly to do the "treble boosting OD" thing .

Usually I have never cared for the sound of a distortion pedal and have only used an amp for distortion . Not sure if these would work , but I have a "Korg Tone Works 104ds Hyper Distortion" and a "Boss DS-1" .

If one of those pedals would work , do you have any tips on setting it up ? I've tried in the past and could never get the distortion pedal and amp mixed together to sound right .
Not much to recommend I'm afraid in terms of treble boosting- my own experience if fairly limited.

I've used the danelectro coolcat transparent overdrive to very good effect with my AD15, in but in very limited uses. With the low end rolled off (it's got a dual pot tone pot, 1 for treble, 1 got bass) it transforms my AD15 in an angry Marshall jcm Of sorts. It does a good leaf boost too with low gain and high volume - I personally don't like much gain on that pedal.

That's the only one I have experience with though.

TBH, you may be better off with a rockerverb??

hope you cam get to try some orange amps soon - it's the best way to know if you'll like them!!!!

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Re: Help Me Find the right Orange

Post by koclem » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:34 pm


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