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Thunderverb 200

Post by fiaj » Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:57 am

I am also considering getting a Thunderverb 200 on top of my Rockerverb 100 MKII. I am primarily a bassist really and have a stunning 6-string fretless Ovangkol warwick thumb and i just know it would sound like god through an Orange.
Really for pure bass i would want the AD200B as i like the idea of my warwick going through a minimal signal path as it's about as good bass tone as you can get but i'm being kind of tempted towards the Thunderverbs for the wider range of tones, switchable channel and Orange reverb and mainly because i could use it for guitar too. I've already been thinking about putting 6550s in my Rockerverb to thicken the sound for the dirty channel but if i had a Thunderverb i could use that for really fat guitar tones and also for bass too.
My question is with the cabs... I notice there is a special 4X12 that was designed for the Thunderverb that is 8ohm handling. Sorry if this sounds stupid but i can't get a good picture of the back panel of the Thunderverbs to see the speaker outs. If i were to run my warwick through the head and would it handle it okay running into an 8ohm cab or two? has anyone had experience running a guitar through a thunderverb connected to orange bass cabs. I was thinking maybe just get the 4x10 and a 1x15 bass cab set up and hopefully would still get some pretty fat guitar tones, but i feel funny not running my guitar through 12s... I expect i will have to comprimise somewhere but if anyone has used guitar and bass through these amps with different cab arrangements i would love to hear of your experience....

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Re: Thunderverb 200

Post by bassdrop » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:32 pm

My opinion is if you want the most bang for your buck, you should simply get the AD200. It is the best bass amp in the Orange lineup. I haven't personally played the TV200, but I don't see why you would need any more gain than the AD200- for bass. My understanding is that the TV200 is a great guitar amp that also can handle bass duties, but I'm not convinced that it is as good as the AD200 as a bass amp. The Warwick Thumbs are great basses and deserve a great bass amp, especially considering that you already have one of Orange's best guitar amps, the RV100. Comparatively, the Reeves 225 is also an incredible tube bass head and would be a cleaner sound than any of the Oranges (modeled after a Hiwatt DR201). Whatever suits your taste- I've found the AD200 to be more fun, for lack of a better term, to play through than any other bass amp I've played (gigged mine for over 7 years). Here's some links for ya: ... p=1&c=2.46
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Re: Thunderverb 200

Post by Randy Bass » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:36 pm

The TV200 has two power settings - 200 watts (Full) and 100 watts (Half).

In the 200-watt mode, it has options for a 4-ohm load or an 8-ohm load (total). That means that you can choose one of the following speaker configurations:

1) one 4-ohm cab
2) one 8-ohm cab
3) two 8-ohm cabs
4) two 16-ohm cabs

In the 100-watt mode, it has options for an 8-ohm load or a 16-ohm load (total). You can choose one of the following:

1) one 8-ohm cab
2) one 16-ohm cab
3) two 16-ohm cabs
4) two 32-ohm cabs (not likely to happen)

There are past threads that describe the TV200 as somewhat lacking as a proper bass amp. Also, I can tell you that playing guitar through only a bass cab (or two) will sound like dark muddy garbage. You would need the high frequency range of a proper guitar cab to make it work. The TV200 can be connected to one 8-ohm bass cab and one 8-ohm guitar cab in the 200-watt mode, but there is no crossover or anything built into the amp to split the frequencies efficiently between cabs. Also, the PPC-412HP cab is intended to work with the TV200 for guitar. The G12K-100s are not bass drivers and your 6-string bass could probably make them explode. I would go for the AD200B for proper bass usage and hang onto the RV100 for guitar.

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Re: Thunderverb 200

Post by fiaj » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:13 pm

yeah, thanks.
I'm definately getting an ad200 set up, best thing i ever heard!
I can get enough variation through my pedals and it is the perfect voicing for my bass.
Just got to gather the funds now...

I'm still tempted to save for a thunderverb too. My rockerverb is beautiful and you can 0get a huge range of tones through the dirty with el34s and i would not actually want to change it but i need something thicker sometimes and the sounds you can get with the thunderverb and attenuatorare exactly that. And i do seem to play more guitar than bass these days. I'm just addicted, amps are worse than crack!

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