Tell me about the Fender Super Reverb SF

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Re: Tell me about the Fender Super Reverb SF

Post by TESLA_EL34 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:36 am

actually i have to sell my rocker30 to finance the super reverb.
not an easy decision, maybe because the rocker is discontinued.
but i have a matamp GTL... so... i still would have an EL34 amp with a fuzzy character.

i like the rocker30 but it's a bit too picky with my pedals,
it has not enough headroom for my killer fuzz pedals.
the mat takes all the pedals well. but thats not the whole thing.

i always wanted a fender amp and it really suits my style. i feel like,
i can get it now or maybe wait until he next overpriced deal.
im someone who abuses ALL his equipment, so it's worth it in the end,
but im still not 100% sure about it.

what i like most about the rocker is it's cranked tone with gain about 12 o'clock.
that cranked tone with good EL34's is very very nice.

what it dislike is that it's not nearly as reponsive and touch sensitive as my matamp
and i really know how to contral an amp with the volume pot and a boost pedal.
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Re: Tell me about the Fender Super Reverb SF

Post by bassdrop » Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:06 pm

My bandmate sold a '65 Super Reverb about 10 years ago and now regrets it deeply. He bought it in the early 90's back when an old amp was just an old amp. So 10 years on and he still talks about that old Super. He's a very dynamic player so it sounds like it might be a fit for you on that front.
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Re: Tell me about the Fender Super Reverb SF

Post by Bentfinger » Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:34 am

I have a 72 SF NMV Super reverb that I restored. It had 2 original speakers, and 2 rolas when I bought it, so I put in 4 reissue p10 alincos in it. The ri Jensens get a bad rap, but they sound great, esp. after they were broken in. I found this amp in the Fl. Keys in 1999, and got it for 175.00 because the mains fuse would blow when it was pushed. It had a recent cap job with Spragues, and original trannys. I pulled the amp, cleaned the pots and jacks, replaced the reverb cables, regrilled with aged cloth, and installed nos rca rectifier, power, and nos pre amp tubes. Knock on wood, but never a problem since, and lots of hours on her. I bought the Gerald Weber books / dvd and have done a partial bf mod also. As stated previously, sweetest Fender clean tones, and beautiful drippy reverb that goes well with my rv100. These 68-74 nmv sf fenders are still a bargain if you take time to find a nice one.

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Re: Tell me about the Fender Super Reverb SF

Post by malonius » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:00 pm

As previously mentioned, Johnny Marr - ex-Smiths, now with The Cribs - plays a SuperReverb live alongside a Marshall in a stereo set-up with a fair few pedals. Plenty of you tube videos out there to see/hear him play.
The SR takes pedals really well and is renowned for it. A silverface SR from 1973 would be something that a lot of Indie guitarists would like to own, I think. Me included... Great clean headroom which can be manipulated with pedals.

Renowned for a fantastic tone, but since it is the age it is, it'd need to be set up correctly, biased, etc... It'll take pedals like a dream.

This amp is an evolution of a Fender Bassman with reverb, but with more aggression. On paper this looks like a quality amp.

I presume you can afford it, so try it out. Take a few pedals. If your ears tell you that you like it, then buy it. Its that easy.

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