How many of you don't own an Orange?

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Re: How many of you don't own an Orange?

Post by bmxbandit » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:49 am

I do not own an orange mainly because I can't keep the same amp for a year. If only I had the skill to back my gear value! I used to have a tiny terror when they first came out with an avatar 2x12 (v30 and g12h30) and loooved it but not the lack of loud cleans so switched to a hot rod deluxe, then deville, then now a vox ac50.

I mainly got rid of the orange because the TT to me was like getting a lower priced apple product and later wanting to go all out and upgrade. I then learned that a RV50c would be perfect buut way out of my price range. One day...
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Re: How many of you don't own an Orange?

Post by Alan » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:30 am

TESLA_EL34 wrote:the link is about hifi cabels...of course there's a lot of crap in this area but not so for the guitar sector.
imagine many pros use whole sets of these cables for their racks, with one reason: clarity
you can even tell it in a crappy youtube comparison." onclick=";return false;

at 3 minutes he switches the cable from a high quality monster
to the evidence audio. compare the clearness, the harmonics and the signal itself.
the evidence even sounds louder because of the frequencies every cable buffers /cuts...
watch it twice.
*nods* There is a difference there.

However, I preferred the first one in terms of listenability! Warmer and far less toppy and ear-bleeding. I swear that most people are deaf when it comes to treble frequencies :(

In the interests of fairness:" onclick=";return false;

I prefer the Vovox too - far, far more bottom end, which is much more natural for a big body semi.

Still - there's *nothing* to indicate either video is fair. I'd save my pennies and concentrate on playing better - it's free, and it'll make far more difference than a small filter and a little attenuation ever will to how good you sound.

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Re: How many of you don't own an Orange?

Post by BrianGT » Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:41 pm

I don't currently own an Orange....not to say I won't again! :)

I had the Rv100 + 2x12 cab, Rv50C , Tiny Terror and Dual Terror and for a short time a Crush 20.

I just found myself working away at them to get to know them and get great sounds only to plug in to my Matamp and wonder why I was bothering!

That's not a dig at Orange but I realised that I like brighter sounding amps and the Matamp gave me that instant's just a voicing thing that's a personal choice.
I never had any trouble with any of the Orange amps, they are certainly built as well as any PCB based amp out there.

I really do want to give an R30 a pasting if I come across one!! :lol:
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Re: How many of you don't own an Orange?

Post by a.hun » Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:44 am

Since 1980 I've never not owned an Orange. :!:

Bought my OR120 Overdrive nearly new and it has done me serously proud over the years. Remember that for all of the '80s and much of the '90s Oranges weren't at all 'in'. Did I ever care? (Did I thump!) I knew mine was getting me great sounds and didn't care about anything else. Bought it for bass of course, which it is great for as long as you don't need really loud really clean bass sounds. As a guitar amp it is WAY too loud for my needs though, which is why I got the R.30. That has the same sort of flavours but fits my guitar needs near perfectly.

Sure they are 'dark' voiced. (Or strong in the bass / low-mids if you prefer. Which I do. Compared to 'razor blade' guitar sounds I certainly do!) Sure sometimes they don't fit what I want to do, so I have various other amps too. I'm more into using different amps for different sounds than buying loads of different guitars. Also you don't have to swap valves as often as strings, so maybe I'm just lazy too...

Don't believe in paying for esoteric cables for guitar. (Or for bass, where it would probably matter more!) Just don't see the need. Usually just solder up my own with decent quality cable and good connectors. Thats fine - we're not talking hi-fi here and a small tweak of the tone controls will keep things right as far as I'm concerned. For the exact same reason I'm not a 'true bypass' purist with effects. Is my Fender valve reverb 'true bypass'? Don't think so, and don't think I'd care anyway!!! :wink:

This forum is great. Yeah, most people here are well cool and helpful, and I enjoy the warped patter. I've learned plenty here, (not just warped patter :P ) and I never want to stop learning. So even if you sometimes don't see me around for a while I'm not exactly likely to have gone off Orange... :lol:

Peace etc,

aNDyH. :wink:

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Re: How many of you don't own an Orange?

Post by screamingdaisy » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:51 am

Norrin Radd wrote:Are you waiting to get one or have you had one prior to now and are currently without? If the latter - why did you ditch your Orange? Just curious.......
Currently without. Don't plan on buying another one.

I was after the Orange sound an none of their current lineup of amps had it. If Orange made a proper OR/OD-80/120 I probably would've bought it. Instead I wound up looking at a Matamp and ultimately ended up with an Electric Amp 120w MV.
jpish0t wrote:why are you guys on the forum then? or are you on many forums like this?
Clicked on the Orange Forum's bookmark by accident. Thought it would be interesting to see what's up.
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