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Distortion/Overdrive Advice

Post by Payne » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:56 am


So I've got my amp/cab setup sorted now. In recording it sounded immense, really dark and evil, but live it just seems to lack a little bit. I'm not sure if that's because I've stacked my cabs up though instead of keeping them level on the floor (although I'm not sure how much difference this would make live).

I use my RV50 for all my lowend grunt/chug and my JMP for the clarity and growl. My bassist and I were chatting after a gig on Friday night and were wondering about maybe getting a distortion pedal to add a little colour to the tone.

First thoughts were a Tube Screamer. The guy we recorded with has made a mental fuzz box that sounded wicked through my gear on clean, but I don't really want to get my overdrive from a pedal as it kind of takes away from me getting these amps to get their overdrive tone. Although he said he'd build me one for £20, so it might be worth getting just for the hell of it.

Can anyone else suggest some pedals to look into (I've tried a double muff before, but wasn't over keen on it) that'd suit my stuff?

Think Baroness, Tool, Mastodon, Rise & Fall and Converge kind of stuff.

Cheers for the help.
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Re: Distortion/Overdrive Advice

Post by botch » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:22 am

I use a Maxon OD808 with my RV100, it works really well with it, I keep it on about 90% of the time - chugs are, well, chuggier and fast riffing is more defined. Works well for the kinda bands you listed.
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Re: Distortion/Overdrive Advice

Post by thenetsux » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:29 pm

I just picked up ts9 and it works very well for adding a bit more saturation and crunch. I think I'm using it for the same type of stuff as you. I set the volume at max, tone far left (it still adds high end to the sound a bit, but in a good way) and gain at about 2 o'clock. They are nearly identical to the 808 and you can pick them up used for about 50 bucks (paid that with shipping for mine :twisted: ).
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Re: Distortion/Overdrive Advice

Post by MaxProphet » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:37 pm

Might wanna try a compressor if you like the sound, but find it a bit 'weak'. orange distortion generally speaking does not play well with others

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