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NPD! (Chorus Content)

Post by AJS19 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:57 pm

I picked up a Delta Lab Stereo Chorus the other day. After playing with it awhile - here is my review.

Upon first inspection, I was very impressed with how solid it felt for a $60 pedal whose's brand is owned by Guitar Center. It's equally as heavy and built like a tank as my Carbon Copy. It definitely doesn't feel cheap by any means. The battery compartment is located on the bottom back of the pedal, easily accessible to change if you don't use a daisy chain or pedal power. The only thing that doesn't feel completely solid to me was the knobs. They are a rubbery material which feels like they are going to break upon turning.

For $60 - you get something that is true-bypass, and it has a blue LED, which is a nice touch for the price. And it blinks to the rate/speed of the effect!

Now for what you all care about - how the thing sounds. I can get some awesome subtle chorus effects out of it great to add something to the clean channel, and I can do some of those great blues-y chorus-y sounds that rock. It definitely covers my chorus needs adding a whole new dimension to the sound. It does add a tiny pinch of hiss/noise to the sound, but not too bad. All in all - it works great in the effects loop, and is a really great effect for the money.

No video or clips until I get a new computer, but they will come! Along with my Tweed Deluxe demo of course. For now I have to post from my school computer, upon which Forti-Client blocks out Photobucket and such (bascially every site), but i'm going to resize the pictures today, and attach them to a post.

The computer situation is that I talked to a Mac Solution Consultant Sunday at Best Buy, and I explained my problem - which now resides as the power is not getting from the plug to the battery, because I had it plugged in all day and it remained at 1%. He thought that there is probably a faulty connection on the motherboard transfering the power, which is what I pretty much thought from the get go since it should have ran with or without the battery, cause even if the battery is toast (which is has been being 5 years old), it should still work off the plug. But it doesn't. Not worth fixing. I have no money, and I have/want to get a MacBook Pro for college. Hmmm. Awesome! :lol:
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