Bass Terror and R30 video

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Bass Terror and R30 video

Post by danbond » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:20 am

Our bassist has been using his Bass terror for a few months now with his J-Bass, and our other guitarist is using a R30. They are both sounding awesome. Not sure if this video helps anyone, but its vaguely orange related! The R30 cleans are loud enough in an un-micd venue of around 100 people or so, but the lack of reverb and tone control can be a little limiting unless you are good at changing pickups on the fly. The dirty channel is awesome -really cuts through on the bridge pickup and gets pretty aggressive.

Cannot recommend the bass terror highly enough, I'm not sure I have heard a better bass amp in a live setting. Recorded it sound so massive, I'll put up our recordings with it really soon.

I'm using a fender twin-amp, the 2 channel one. I'm really enjoying it at the moment, despite its weight. Having on-board tremolo and reverb means i can do everything with just the supplied footswitch, so my guitar goes directly into the amp which I find more reliable, especially when people are jumping about all round you.

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