Recordings with ABY/Orange/Crate Vintage 30

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Recordings with ABY/Orange/Crate Vintage 30

Post by Borderline Productions » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:37 am

I finally have had some time to do some recording. I have posted a four-chord ditty I wrote in college at" onclick=";return false; called "Heard It From"

The rhythm part is played on my Heritage semi-hollow on the bridge pickup with the RV50 on the clean channel panned completely to one side and the Crate Vintage 30 on the dirty channel panned completely to the other side.

The lead is the Heritage in the neck pickup with the Orange dirty channel and the Crate on the clean channel with the signal panned slightly apart.

No effects pedals were abused to make this recording.

After recording the bass part I really have a better appreciation for how hard bass players work.

The drums are from Garage Band (don't tell my son the drummer).

I am blown away by what a second amp can add.

Any comments are welcome.

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