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TT Recording & Home Recording Advice

Post by Secondhand Dan » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:30 pm

Hello all,

I have been working on recording some demos for my new band, Solved with Science, and am starting to think that I will need some more equipment to get the job done better, especially if I am tasked with recording more of our originals, of which we are reasonably concerned with the output quality. Right now I am working with an EMU 0404 usb as my main recording interface into a Mac Pro through Logic.

The issue I am really running into right now is that I don't have a mixer for drums or enough mics to do the job well. I considered using the recorderman technique, but i know that the drum set I am using is not really good enough to record by those means. The snare is not pronounced enough to compensate. I also do not have the appropriate mics for the job ( 2 SM57s, Sennheiser e906, AKG Perception 220).

I think I could get away with using the Glyn Johns method for drums if I were to purchase these ( ... sku=271324" onclick=";return false;) for overheads and use the SM57s for the snare and kick. I would still, however, not have enough inputs to record.

I am considering buying a mixer with USB or firewire output and selling the EMU in order to fit this need. Namely, I am looking at the Allen and Heath Zed 14 (" onclick=";return false;). If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hearing them.

Also, noting the deficiencies mentioned above, feel free to comment on my recordings found in the link below. All guitar tracks were done with a Les Paul Studio or my Tele through a Tiny Terror on 7w mode through my 212 (Celestion blue/ Heritage G12h), through the e906.
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