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Orange wins!

Post by Orphin » Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:02 pm

Been doing a little amp comparing at home. Playing my amps at clean levels as playing any louder would have my neighbors come down and kill me. :P
Worth mentioning is that at these low volumes my Ceriatone JCM 800 sounds nothing like what I'm used to from Marshall amps. The cleans are really impressive sounding. Sounds like almost like my Deluxe Reverb but without that deep bottom.
However, when I plugged in my old Orange Matamp the competition was over. They truly knew something about building amps back then that must've gotten lost throughout the years.
I mean, the cleans have a typical brittish tone to it and souynds wonderful, but for fun I tried to fiddle around the the EQ to see what other tones I could achive. First of all it cannot be compared with the EQ on any of my other amps, because it can change the tone so dramatically. I tried cranking them both. The treble frequencies shoots so high that it sound like ice picks stabbing my eardrum. So I backed it down to 3 o'clock.
What really amazes me with the bass turned up this much is how deep and full the bottom is. With a warmth that none of my other amps come close to. It almost sounds unrealistic. Like sitting in front of a cozy fire.
I'll sure be experimenting with the Ormat next time in the studio for cleans.
I'm speaking out of my a$$. Yours might differ.

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