humbucker for tele?

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humbucker for tele?

Post by jord123 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:53 am

you may all remember my post tele tone? thanks for the overwhelming responses. and yes I love it to death. put flat wounds on it and it is magical. in fact have em on every guitar and bass in the house. maybe that is the root of my bed room tone problems. anyways who cares this is about my tele. I am considering putting a humbucker in the neck. I don't dislike the 62'ri pu in there now, its just now that my 335 is gone I feel like I need a humbucker somewhere. what should I put in. or........ it did come with another bridge.........should I build a wormoth tele, ya know pick the color. pick the finish, pick the neck radius. blah blah. it's either that or buy another thinskin, I feel like I should keep it original. I guess my real questions are? If I re-route the body for a humbucker, can I ever go back. oh yeah and what humbucker should I put in. rs PAF clone, should I just send em the guitar and have em do the wires and all?

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