Road Worn 50's Strat!

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Re: Road Worn 50's Strat!

Post by bclaire » Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:35 pm

jord123 wrote:walkin' softly here, I thought I posted a reply earlier...........was I edited? we'll try again, i'm sure billy or teddy knock me down a peg if I am outta line. my local guitar shop has a few thinskins left. tele's are 1199, and strats last I checked were 1249. um I'd give you the name, but I don't wanna get myself in trouble. I do agree about am standards and deluxes. 1. I hate the shiney glossy look. 2. the action is always set super low and the strings are super small. I dunno I just don't get it. + its easy to take steel wool to the neck of a nitro guitar and wear it down to almost nuthin' with out there being any scratch marks. 3, I find poly gets sticky when its dirty. I don't dispute the rw's are great, I think they are just over priced, by a mile. + I don't think there was ever a question of craftsmaship w/mim's I was just under the impression they had cheaper components ( wires pots p/u's) that the americans.
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Re: Road Worn 50's Strat!

Post by nguideau » Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:06 pm

blackcloud45 wrote:Congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
I am enjoying it a lot! Once I got it home yesterday I never had a chance to play through my own amps, just played unplugged on the couch. But today I cranked it up for about 2 hours, through my Fulltone OCD into the Deluxe Reverb. So much fun. Sounds great. I like these TexMex pups even more now that I've had time to hear them through my own amp.

The axe feels great, too.

Only complaint isn't really a complaint about the guitar itself... I just need to get the 10s off this and put 11s on. I know it seems silly. If you give me a guitar with 9s and one with 10s, the difference doesn't matter to me. But compare 10s to 11s and it just feels like the 10s are chicken wire cutting through my skin. :evil:

Of course, most of it is probably that the strings are just deadened and dirty. One of the next few weekends I'll change the strings and it will be awesome.
- Nathan

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Re: Road Worn 50's Strat!

Post by jord123 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:52 am

congrats orange master!

love to see some pic's thanks for the response billy. I dunno what I did. any way, music machine guitars in kennewick washington(usa) has thin skins and are apperantly in a crunch w' fender about credit(don't tell em I said so) and are getting rid of them fairly cheep. 62 stats and teles. I highly reccomend. I have a jazzmaster and a tele, and made my dad buy a strat all three of them are phenominal guitars. plain jane looks an killer tone, but that is kinda my thing.

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