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(Country) Gentleman's Literature

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:14 am
by Randy Bass
Does anyone have experience with either of these offerings from Gretsch?

G6122II Chet Atkins Country Gentleman: ... 2=&q=&st=1" onclick=";return false;

G5122DC Electromatic: ... 2=&q=&st=1" onclick=";return false;

I am wondering if the G6122 (MIJ?) is really worth over three times the cost of the G5122DC (MIK?). It seems the specs are somewhat similar, but the parts and/or labor must surely be of noticeably higher quality on the G6122 to warrant the cost. I know that I want a Gretsch double cutaway with a Bigsby, but how much is too much?