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Holy Grail Reverb and the TT question

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:37 pm
by Mrjones2004x
Still looking at gear even tho not playing much. Have always loved a bit of reverb in my sound and im def missing it right now.
I know these type of effects work best in the fx loop of an amp but how does this one sound when the gain is cranked? The only youtube videos are clean sounding demos and i havent had a chance to trial it out in the local shop yet.

Could it be possible to obtain such a sound as garry moores Pariesiene walkways song?

I gain get a great sound with my LP BFG on the neck P90 and max gain with tone on about 3 oclock and volume pretty high but im lacking the reverb he has. I like to add a subtle reverb to all the stuff i play but wanna make sure it could pull of this sort of sound without sounding horrible.


If anyone has any sound clips of reverb in front of the TT with higher gain setting then can you post some links please