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MXR ZW-44 OverDrive and one of these...

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:50 am
by CD9266
Crate GX-15 (photo -

Holy smokes those two together sound amazing. I was shocked at how they sound. Those little Crates have amazing preamps. A little more hum than I'd like but as long as you turn down the guitars volume at delicate parts it's no biggy.

The ZW Overdrive is amazing on a slightly overdriven channel and I'd call it more of a boost than an overdrive as it doesn't really "alter" the sound of the amp. It more so just boost it and brings out the nice little harmonics and little (big?) tones.

Now I did try the ZW Overdrive with my Peavey EFX100 head and couldn't get a decent sound using the two together. The Peavey does a lot better on it's own (unless the battery is dying on the OD because I used it quite a bit today for a small practice with my other guitarist). Will try it Thursday with the RV50 and V30s and see how that sounds.

But still, just a small little 15 watt amp with an 8in speaker it was absolutely amazing. I would have actually considered using that to record rhythm tracks if the hum wasn't there (a little less amp gain could probably fix that too).