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Post by manwithgun » Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:32 pm

ive been playing guitar for ages but im pretty rubbish when it comes to technical stuff, i want to record onto my computer but im not really sure what to do!

i got a 2nd hand pod recently and thought if i plugged it in (got an adaptor) etc it might work, ive got Cubase (its a recording program) aswell but don't really know what im doing to be honest..........

any tips for a recording noob would be greatly appreciated!

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Post by Wendigo » Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:16 pm

There are usually 2 types of level that your standard computer soundcard (or onboard sound) accepts: line level and mic level. Your pod will put out line level. I'm not too sure whether a pod has usb or firewire ports. You can plug it into the line input on your pc and go from there. In cubase you will need to set up the inputs first so that the program knows you want to be using the computers line input as a source for the tracks to record. It's under one of the menus on the right and under a sub-category called vst inputs. Then on each track you can get the mixer view up, and tell it which input you would like it to use, left or ight (or on a stereo track, both). It should now be using the soundcards line in as a source (L/R) and you will hopefully be able to see a level meter flickering in the green when you arm one of the tracks. Arming the track is just clicking on the red button next to where it says the name of the track, usually indicated by an R. I can't stress enough the value of reading through the help categories that come with cubase, which is extremely well documented software compared with most.

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