AD30TC combo considerations

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AD30TC combo considerations

Post by StratoGio » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:39 am

Hello every orangist!
I'd like to share with you some considerations after a 6 month use of an AD30TC combo, I think they'd be useful for a "will be" orange's owner.
- First of all AD30 is a fantastic product!
It plays considerably well at EVERY volume: you can use it as bedroom amp at lowest volumes, you can use it as last step of your gear in club dates (and I can assure you you can blow out every 60W Mrshll) and you cann use it in wider gigs with a good mic in front of (audix...)
- is astonishing the way it holds well PEDAL effects in front
the only attention you've to put on is on delay and wah: when you switch to 2nd channel (more gain) is better to reduce delay wet/dry relation: less effect and more dry signal, this attention is to be put in action even when you use wahs before od/dist pedals: more dry signal and shorter delay time to avoid out of phase and cancelling freqs.
Due to my exp, it prefers pedals than racks (roland/line6). Boss and Keeley works G R E A T.
Radial pedals can fit only if you search a non compressed dist: is a strange mixture putting an american dist colour on a super-british sounding amp, you can like it or highly dislike it.
- it likes strats and SC more than Humbuckers equipped.
well, if you use a Strat you can turn up the gain and eq control to put your strat where you can't think to go: fat ducking jazzy cleans to sparkling to solid iron forged distorted.
The trick is in the gain: if you pickup is a lowgain one you can play with AD gain, if it's a highgain you've to throttle down gain to get cleans, even if you can saturate at a lowest amp gain. With my PRS it works well but is less flexible and more darker than with AmStrat, but I put my Strat sound near PRS using pedals, gain and volume and can get some plenty cleans you can get only on a Fndr Bssman setting it at a fixed gain and Vol.
- is a terrible freight for your backs!
Is built sturdy and solid, but a bit weighty and a couple of upper handles or a neckplace system to grab lateral handles would be appreciated (what an idea for an aftermarket part mr. Orange...)
- remember that an amp must be judged on how and till where it handles cleans: distortion can be added, definition no!
thank you if you've read this till here, and hope it helps someone choosing, an orange of course!
any comment based on your personal experience will be appreciated
have many funny notes! Cheers, StratoGio

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