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tonal epiphany

Post by hithere » Tue May 26, 2009 11:17 pm

wow, I feel like I have been living under a rock, and have some questions to assure I have been. I have been playing a twin reverb for a long time now, never bonding with drive sounds.

I have been through most fender reissues, but recently reordered a princeton reverb. This time I was going to try and run it at a low volume and boost it to keep my delays and mod effects clean.

with a boss sd-1 and an ehx lp-1, I wondered why I hadn't figured this out before.

Now at the breakup point of 4 of course the delays are a tad distorted, but what really threw me back was if I kept it at 3, which is pretty squeaky clean with humbuckers, my sd-1 still made my amp sound naturally driven, and kept my delays squeaky clean.

Now why does this simple boss boost sound so great, even when the amp is almost completely clean? is it because it's driving the poweramp or what?

If this is the case I think I could enjoy a lot more amp setups from now on, by keeping the gain very tame, almost right on clean, and boosting it. Now that I have my twin reverb for my crystal cleans I feel maybe I will start to be able to enjoy marshalls and oranges, but keeping them pretty clean and boosting them.

The comparison of my twin on clean with any pedal to the princeton is night and day, the princeton makes my boss sd-1 actually sound and feel like it is the amp naturally breaking up, while retaining my definition of my delays? what is up with that? pushing the poweramp.

this may be the start of something good!

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