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Posted: Fri May 06, 2005 1:47 pm
by firebird1999us
<b><font size="5">Welcome to the official Orange Amps sound-clip thread!8) </font id="size5">

Use it for listening to or linking sound-clips of any model or year of <font color="orange">Orange</font id="orange"> guitar or bass amplifier. But keep in mind -- while sound-clips may give you a good a idea of how an amp sounds "they are no substitute for hearing/playing it in person." ;)

For additional background/historical information on Orange amps see -- for user reviews please visit

<font color="red"><font size="4">If you want to see what kind of gear some of the members here are running please visit any of the following links: </font id="size4"> </font id="red"> ... your,stack ... your,stack

<font size="4"><u>When posting clips remember to include:</u></font id="size4">
1-<i>The type/year of Orange amp used (AD, Rockerverb, OR, etc...)</i>
2-<i>Amp settings and or effects pedals used</i>
3-<i>The cab/speakers used</i>
4-<i>The make/model of guitar used for the clip</i>

<font size="4"><u>If you need to host a clip you can setup a free account at:</u></font id="size4">
Or to add videos go to or

<font size="4"><u>If you need to convert a sound file to an MP3 go to:</u></font id="size4"> ... ag=lst-0-6 ... g=lst-0-13

<font color="red">***Finally -- please try to limit posts on this thread to sound-clips/sound-clip related discussion ONLY and <u>NOT</u> off-topic discussion.</font id="red"> That way we can maximize space and you won't have to endlessly scroll through un-related posts to find soundclips. Enjoy!:)

And for those of you who want to cut straight to the chase without scrolling through the entire thread -- <i>see below</i>:

<font size="6"><center><u><b>***<font color="orange">ORANGE</font id="orange"> QUICK CLIP GUIDE***</b></u></center></font id="size6">
<i>I've listed the username of the poster for each set of clips above them in <font color="red">RED</font id="red"> -- so if you do want to know the details about pedals, tubes, speakers, cabs, guitars, recording techniques, etc... used just go to the corresponding posts below.

For listening some clips can be left clicked, others require you to copy and paste in the address bar, and still others must be right clicked and saved to your computer. Some links may also hyperlink to the site where the sound clips are located... When in doubt try all of these!;)</i>

<i><font size="4"><b>Pics Only GRO100:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">Sparki73 at </font id="red"><i>(more info here: ... ecrets.mp3 ... ctions.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>1978 ORANGE OR120M OVERDRIVE:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">Benny Lamb</font id="red"> ... ng_HTM.mp3 (Right side is the Orange)

<font color="red">fiveightandten</font id="red"> (SG Standard + Marshall 1960AX on right channel/JCM 800 on the left channel)

<i><font size="4">OTR 80 Combo</font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">marmalade</font id="red"> (With Fender Strat, gain at 2:00)

<i><font size="4">OR 100</font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">Orange Adam at </font id="red"><i>(more info here: ... 4;t=001250) ... avon_6.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>AD200 Bass Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">macahan</font id="red"> (all songs recorded with AD200)

<font color="red">doombass</font id="red"> ... _aug05.mp3 ... _aug05.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>AD30TC Combo:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">bclaire</font id="red"> (AD140TC rythm/AD30TC Combo solo)

<font color="red"><i>Linked from ... </i></font id="red"> ... tClean.mp3 ... tHeavy.mp3 ... aClean.mp3 ... aHeavy.mp3

<font color="red">jucciz</font id="red">

<font color="red">alexorngeblues youtube website</font id="red"> ... rangeblues

<i><font size="4"><b>AD30R Combo:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">irish admiral</font id="red">

<font color="red">firebird1999us</font id="red">

<i><font size="4"><b>AD30TC Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">bouly from youtube video page</font id="red">

<i><font size="4">AD 30 Head</font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red"><i>Linked from ... </i></font id="red"> ... tClean.mp3 ... tHeavy.mp3 ... aClean.mp3 ... aHeavy.mp3

<i><font size="4">AD 50 Custom Head</font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red"><i>Linked from ... </i></font id="red"> ... tClean.mp3 ... tHeavy.mp3 ... aClean.mp3 ... aHeavy.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>AD140TC Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">bclaire</font id="red"> (AD140TC rythm/AD30TC solo)

<font color="red">Benny Lamb</font id="red"> (Orange is on the Right)

<font color="red">thedukeofrock</font id="red">

<i><font size="4"><b>AD140 Custom Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red"><i>Linked from ... </i></font id="red"> ... tClean.mp3 ... tHeavy.mp3 ... aClean.mp3 ... aHeavy.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>Crush Series:</b></font id="size4"></i>

<i><font size="4"><b>Miscellaneous/Unkown Orange:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">bclaire</font id="red"> (Any of the soundclips on my band's website are Orange)

<font color="red">PedroLourenco at on misc OTR...</font id="red"><i>(more info here: ... 000000)</i>

<i><font size="4"><b>Retro 50 Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red"><i>Linked from ... </i></font id="red"> ... tClean.mp3 ... tHeavy.mp3 ... aClean.mp3 ... aHeavy.mp3

<i><font size="4"><b>Rocker 30 Combo:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">tandij from youtube</font id="red">

<i><font size="4"><b>Rocker 30 Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">mahler81280</font id="red"> <i>(more info + more sound clips here: ... D=5297)</i>

<font color="red">melbookermusic youtube demo</font id="red">

<i><font size="4"><b>Rockerverb 50 Combo:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">Orangenoise</font id="red">(clip info here: ... _clean.mp3 ... m_gain.mp3 ... y_gain.mp3 (Guitar is a Guild Bluesbird, song is called Bloom)

<i><font size="4"><b>Rockerverb 50 Head:</b></font id="size4"></i>
<font color="red">firebird1999us</font id="red">

<font color="red">LeonC</font id="red"> ... -dirty.mp3 (Tele with Barden hum-canceling pickups) ... eMagic.mp3

<font color="red">morgwn</font id="red"> ... ss_mp3.mp3 ... Bounce.mp3 ... Splice.mp3 ... Bounce.mp3

<font size="4"><b>Rockerverb 100 Head:</b></font id="size4">

<font size="4"><b>Tiny Terror</b></font id="size4"></i>

Thanks to everybody who posted!8) And remember to register your Orange here: ... FORUM_ID=4

Chris </b>

Posted: Fri May 06, 2005 3:27 pm
by irish_admiral
AD30 clips to give you a vague idea of what it can do. Open-backed 1999 AD30R combo with Vintage 30 speakers. '90 G&L ASAT used (maple neck, alder body, large MFD pickups). Two overdrive pedals are Banzai Fireball II dual overdrive, and a Maxon OD-808 overdrive. Delay is Guyatone MD3. Mic is a Red5 RVD20 (bog standard dynamic mic) a couple of inches away from the grille, couple of inches from the centre of the cone, and about 30 degrees offset. Recorded through a tiny Behringer UB802 desk into a Soundblaster 5.1 live card, using Magix audio studio.

Everything was recorded as a .wav file and converted to .mp3 using a clever little free program called "Switch." Do a search on, or on Google, and you'll come up with it. Quick & very easy. I like it!

Thanks to LeonC for hosting them...

Gain about 75%, master 20%, bass 75%, mid 50%, treble 65%. Just running through bridge, neck, and middle settings on the ASAT, rolling back the tone on each one. No pedals on this clip.

AD30 clean - running through the pickup settings from bridge to neck. Gain 25%, master 50%, everything else same.

AD30 clean settings plus overdrive pedals. First the Banzai Fireball II, then the Maxon OD-808. Bridge then neck pickup.

Fireball left on my regular settings: internal trim pots maxed to give me most the most trebley, scooped sound possible. External tone fully clockwise, main volume, boost volume & overdrive level at 45%. Switch in uncompressed mode.

OD-808 running from gain settings at 75%, balance at 30%, tone at 25% my normal setting), to balance at 75% and tone at 75%. Then repeated but with gain at 25% instead.

AD30 dirty settings - gain 75%. Then using the overdrive pedals as in clip 3, except leaving the OD-808 on my normal settings. About 2:30 mins in, I kick on both pedals, then drop the tone and possibly the OD-808.Can't remember!

AD30 dirty settings, neck pickup with MD3 delay. Using Fireball II first stomp only, then kick in the OD-808 when I go off on a random.

Also, some crunchier ones with a Gordon Smith GS1, Bareknuckle Cold Sweat humbucker in the bridge, and my G&L Comanche. Look to the "Bareknuckle" and "Comanche" downloads at...

Description of settings etc is here...

Posted: Sat May 07, 2005 1:29 am
by LeonC
All three clips of my Rockerverb 50. Stock tubes. All clips through my custom 4x12 loaded with '70s vintage Celestion G12H30s. All recorded with a Shure SM57. The delay is from my Replifex.

Clean channel:
Thorn Artisan Master #009.

Gain channel, moderate gain:
Les Paul Standard.

Gain channel, more gain:
Les Paul Standard.

Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 2:29 pm
by spoonie g
I don't know who these are, but I just found them:

Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 9:58 pm
by morgwn
Hi guys, been REAL busy lately, but I _do_ have new clips!!

We recorded practice the other week, and I got a rough mix. (no overdubs, etc). I wish our sound guy would have EQ'd the guitar a little bit better, but it is 100% dry--no post EQ--other than he ran some sort of slight stereo delay to spatialize it in the mix. I would have prefered to run the amp w/less treble, but our sound guy wanted it that way (treble maxed).

Guitar: Anderson w/maple neck, maple top over hollow ash, duncan custom pickup

Amp: Orange rockerverb 50
Bass: 2:00
Middle: 1:30
Treble: MAXED (ack!)
Gain: 2:30

FX: old Rocktron Intellifex in the loop used for delay/boost on leads, and slight chorus on rythms.

Cab: Bogner 4x12 w/V30's

Mic: Beta 57, straight on, but just where the cone meets the rest of the speaker. (right at that little seam)

There are definitely some mistakes in there, esp the middle parts on the two U2 songs :)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Suck My Kiss" ... ss_mp3.mp3

Rage Against the Machine - "Killing in the Name of" ... Bounce.mp3

U2 - "I Will Follow" and "Vertigo" ... Splice.mp3 ... Bounce.mp3

Alice in Chains - "Would?"

Pearl Jam - "Jeremy" and "Evenflow" ... Bounce.mp3

Posted: Mon May 09, 2005 7:10 am
by trentonvox
yeah you guys can hear my guitar tone on my bands website...

those 3 songs were recorded with a mesa/boogie subway rocket combo and in about 5 days you will be hearing a lot of different Orange amps for the guitar tracks of our new songs...which are completely different from the ones on there now...oh and the songs on there now are a home recording...the new ones are off our 1st in studio debut...

Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 2:29 am
by LeonC
Someone wanted to hear some Hendrix on a Rockerverb. No problemo.

Pardon various false starts and clams. Listen for the tone.

<b>Castles Made of Sand</b>

<b>Wait Until Tomorrow/Wind Cries Mary</b>

<b>Spanish Castle Magic</b>

All clips with my Strat-o-parts-caster (mostly Warmoth). Played through my Rockerverb 50 into my custom 4x12 with old G12H30s. Recorded wtih a Shure SM57, natch!

Posted: Wed May 11, 2005 8:02 pm
by orangenoise
Original instrumental song, called Bloom, that I created around the end of last year. Guitar is a Guild Bluesbird played through my Rockerverb 50 combo.


Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 1:00 am
by fiveightandten
I almost forgot...Here's a few of my band. A lot of people tell us we give them 'what the hell is going on?' syndrome...but hopefully it'll display what the OR-80 sounds like recorded...though IMHO, the dude who mastered this stuff squashed the mids out way too much.

Great thread by the way! Keep it up guys, there's some great clips posted here!

Right channel- 90's Orange OR-80 (Gibson SG standard, Marshall 1960AX)
Left channel- Vox AC-30TBX (Gibson Les Paul Standard)

Right channel- 90's Orange OR-80 (Gibson SG standard, Marshall 1960AX)
Left channel- '85 JCM800 2204 (Gibson Les Paul Standard, Hiwatt 4x12)

Right channel- 90's Orange OR-80 (Gibson SG standard, Marshall 1960AX)
Left channel- '85 JCM800 2204 (Gibson Les Paul Standard, Hiwatt 4x12)


Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 12:15 am
by Benny Lamb
<font face="Arial Black">1978 ORANGE OR120M OVERDRIVE</font id="Arial Black">
This is a track off our last record, "Hang the Moon".
<font face="Arial Black">Border Guard Song</font id="Arial Black">
Right side is the Orange. Sorry this song is LONG. 12mb! But it has lots of clean and overdriven parts.
Gear used:
1961 Gibson SG/LP > Ernie Ball volume > Teese Wizard Wah >SIB Vari Drive > Keeley Time Machine boost > Boss DD5 > OR120M >2x12 Orange cab w/ Vintage 30 speakers > Matamp 4x12 w/ Celestion H100 speakers
<font face="Arial Black">2001 ORANGE AD140TC</font id="Arial Black">
This track is at rehersal in 2002
<font face="Arial Black">What Is This?</font id="Arial Black">
Orange is on the Right. Just a little ditty. Most of the Distortion is a Barber Burn uint.
Gear used:
1995 Les Paul Classic > Budda Bud Wah > Barber Burn unit > AD140 > Mesa Boogie 4x12 w/Vintage 30 speakers.

Posted: Sun May 22, 2005 11:04 am
by marmalade
Fender Strat straight into an OTR 80 combo: Twice, (once a sort of punky sound - FAC toward the left, gain 2 o clock, bridge pick-up, the second, something a bit more ballsy - fac towards the right neck pick-up) this is an unmastered monitor mix and i'm going to cheakily send you to the BBC as i don't think the MP3s are working on our webby. (It's the Junglists at the top btw...)

Posted: Wed May 25, 2005 11:18 am
by mauru

Posted: Fri May 27, 2005 4:45 pm
by jucciz
Lots of AD30TC Combo clips here:

The filenames are somewhat self-explanatory, at least for finnish users. :)

P.S. Please normalize your sound clips to the maximum possible volume level right before clipping.

Posted: Mon May 30, 2005 4:28 am
by LeonC
Yet another in a never-ending stream of Rockerverb clips. 8)

I musta took the wrong pills!

Warmoth Strat with WCR SR pickups into a 4x12 with old G12H30s. Replifex in the loop for delay. BlackBox Oxygen in front for a little subtle compression and gain boost. Shure SM57 in front of the amp, slightly off center on one of the speakers.

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 12:12 am
by vinyl
Just a quick recording of my Rockerverb 50. Crappy mic right into soundcard, kinda muddy, but you get the idea. I might get some rack recording gear later but, for now this will do.

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