are there any easier to use rack mfx units?

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are there any easier to use rack mfx units?

Post by hithere » Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:35 pm

Hey I am trying to figure out the routes I should go for my a/b rig between fender and vox.

Until I get the vox I won't be sure if I need to use the effects loop, but because of my love of clear delays I am sure I will.

I can either use a pedalsnake to make the upfront connections less painful, and then only have to run two cables to each amp and my lead.

Or how bout a rack? That way all connections are are at the back? So quite honestly I have no experience with rack gear, but my main question is, is there any basic ones that would allow me to bend down and easily adjust parameters, and make my favorite whoosh delay pedal twiddling sounds?

If you are stuck with presets that need to be opened to be tweaked than I guess racks aren't for me. That is why the new line 6 looks pretty appealing for being able to bend down and adjust.

and I am even looking for some pictures of pro a/b setups and their switchers to try and understand better.

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