New tubes in Deluxe Reverb

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New tubes in Deluxe Reverb

Post by Orphin » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:17 am

So I have completely replaced all tubes in the Fender Deluxe Reverb from the stock ones. Not only that, but my tech said that it was biased too cold with the stock tubes (-39VDC) so they had plenty of juice left, he said.
I replaced them anyway and kept the old ones (EHX) as spares.

I put in the following:

V1 (gain Normal channel)
Ken-Rad (General Electric) ECC83

V2 (gain Vibrato channel)
Brimar ECC83

V3 (Reverb driver)
Sylvania E81CC (12AT7WC)

V4 (2nd gain Vibrato channel)
Brimar ECC83

V5 (Tremolo driver)
Telefunken ECC83

V6 (Phase inverter)
Brimar CV4024 (12AT7)

2X RCA 6V6GTA output tubes

Mullard GZ34 rectifier

With new tubes and the amp correct biased the amp sounds like an effin' dream!! Hands down the best cleans I've ever heard!
I'm speaking out of my a$$. Yours might differ.

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