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Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:00 pm
by customandrew
Its been a while since i frequented these forums but I have been missing them lately and have decided to return for a while.
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Shout-out to <font color="red">feider</font id="red">, the admiral, bluz, notagain, leon, bentfinger, and neil.
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anyways, i missed the arrival of the new 40th anniversary amps and I KNOW there has been many discussions about the new 50watt amps orange has put out.

I have searched and found some threads but I was thinking that a sort of collection of opinions from those that have played 2 or all three could really be beneficial. I have the rv50 head and cab but have yet to play either of the other 50's.

please forgive me if i overlooked a similar thread in the archives, but i just was reading to find the bones and flesh behind these three.
not just the way they sound but under what mindset orange created them.

sort of the bones and motion behind the orange tolex i guess...idk.

miss you guys haha still remember the days where i would get on here countless times a day trying to decide between the ad30 and rv50 guys were great help.:)