high quality multi-fx floorboards (not modeling)

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Post by hithere » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:59 am

Hey guys sorry for so many questions and stuff lately but I am getting my dual amp fender twin and marshall setup soon. Fender doesn't have FX LOOP, Marshall does (if that makes much a difference) I am very tired of the single pedal deal, I would really just like one multi-effects one.

I am not overly picky about effects, since I only use delay/reverb a lot. But both amps have reverb, and the fender speaks for itself.

I only really see the TC Nova out there for a somewhat affordable one. The boost feature in this is something that I need. I need boost/tuner/delay/ and the whole analog od/dist stompbox idea they have going on inside is an awesome idea. Could get some different voices with my twin (tubescreamerish)

But a feature I would like that it lacks, besides having tons of bugs right now, is that I would like to be able to use my board to a/b switch my amp.

I would hopefully want something true bypass.

The new line 6 M13 is probably not what I am looking for quality wise, plus you can't switch amps with it. Any suggestions, I don't see a huge market for this, TC seems to have it covered with their G System.

Probably the best bet would even be to find a multi-fx with a Radial Big Shot/ but I really just wanted one pedal to worry about. Plus I am not looking for modeling! Which a lot of the floorboards are about.

I would appreciate any help you guys could give me, you always give me great answers and things to try!

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