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Post by Ernieballman » Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:03 pm

I,ve now had my VM Jazz Bass for over 7 months and all I can say is what a great sounding and fun to play bass. Yes there are better basses out there and on this forum the gear tends to be of the much higher end type, but as I said before a person would have a hard time finding a better looking/sounding bass for the money. I have owned 2 other Squier's in the past (one bass and one guitar) and the bass was horrible to but it mildly while the guitar( a tele) was great. Which brings me to my point as Squier basses and guitars have a hit or miss thing about them and unfortunately more on the miss. However, I have noticed that the people at Squier have shackened things up a bit and have put out some decent quality, looking, and sounding instruments lately.

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