remember coventry?

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Post by stevo2112 » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:32 am

wonering if there are any phish fans on here with whom i can commiserate.

i just got linked to a vid on youtube of a dwd from coventry and i feel sick remembering how miserable the musicianship was the entire time. after having seen them put on some of the best shows of any band i've ever been to, i was sorely disappointed.

sentimentality is something, but after all the trouble getting in there only to have them "sh*t in our ears"- thank god our rv was brimming with liquor and we parked next to a gyro stand.

still had fun, but come on, guys... sure hope that if they do start playing again- as the rumors go and band member adresses subtly hint- that they'll have their sh*t together again.

was anyone else there?


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