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Post by blacklight_uk » Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:34 pm

For those that were either there or watched the coverage on the bbc (if you haven't it's all on the bbc website) what are your opinions on this year's Glastonbury? Who were your favourites and who were your least favourites? Did Jay-Z answer the critics with his Sunday night headline slot? Was Amy Winehouse on something?![:p]

Personally the best thing i saw on the coverage was Buddy Guy's slot on the Jazz World stage. He was absolutely incredible and worked the crowd amazingly!

I thought The Raconteurs were great too. Jack White seems to add some new crazy effect to his arsenal every time they play out!

As for the whole Jay-Z debate, my opinion is that while I wouldn't listen to Jay-Z out of choice or buy an album of his, his set was excellent. He worked the crowd impressively, his timing was great and his band were one of the best of the festival imo. As for the Winehouse...well, slurring her words, missing notes, tottering around, forgetting lyrics? It certainly wasn't her finest hour. I thought she got better as the set went on but it was almost painful to watch at times!

Anyway that said it was pretty good this year and i wish i'd been there! Radiohead are rumoured for next year so i will have to get myself a ticket:D

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