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Post by iwantanorangeamp » Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:02 pm


This is my latest project...the guitar is a MIM Reverse headstock woodstock strat. I had played one of the cream colored models at the local GC and really liked it, and then saw the black version on Musician's friend for $400 and decided to buy it. So, some stuff that might be interesting:

Guitar: Despite being a MIM, the guitar played really well out of the box and barely needed any setting up. The only defect I found was a dented 15th fret, but not really a big deal. Its a little lighter than my American strat, but still is capable of some great vintage sounds.

Pickup: Its the first P90 I've owned, but so far I agree with the other forum members who've gotten a Mean 90 and liked it. You can get some really classic sounds with it, and despite being a darker P90, has quite a bit of clarity, and sounds really good, to my ears

Pickguard: In order to install the new pickup, I had to get a HSS guard. The one I ended up getting was a GFS, and disappointingly, I had to file down all three of the control knob holes, and edge adjacent to the bridge.
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