Went to a gig tonight......

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Post by NiallB » Thu May 29, 2008 1:49 am

Gavin Degraw, if you've heard of him. (apparently he's big enough to sell out shepherds bush empire in london! I had only heard one of his songs before tonight....)

Anyways, onto the gig, it was pretty jokes, the intro screwed up because his stage piano was in the wrong key!

Then, near the end, he was talking to the audience partway through a song, and forgot his lyrics. He then stopped the song, got an audience member to tell him the lyrics. Now for the funny bit, he tried to bring the band back in, and failed miserably. Then had to go again, and managed to do it!

But the rest of the gig was pretty good, he is a good singer, and a good performer.

Onto the good stuff............his guitarist was awesome....and had and orange 4x12! Anyway, had a good evening and was generally a good gig!
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