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Post by yvon » Wed May 28, 2008 1:32 am

Been buying 3 pedals recently...

1. Analog Man Beano boost (purchased used)
2. EMMA ReezaFRATzitz (purchased used)
3. TC electronis NOVA delay (new)

Man, all these are amazing!

The Nova delay: it is absolutely great. I was a bit scared with this one because I used to have high end delays like the Maxon AD900 and TC electronics vintage delay (T-Rex clone)... But Nova is the compromise I was looking for.
- Very good sound with all the convenience of modern features: for example audio tap tempo, 9 presets, and the Dynamic delay feature... this one reduces the level of the delay sound when you play and increases it when you stop playing or play less loud - excellent when switching between rythm and lead with the delay on.

The EMMA is impressive, especially in medium and high gain settings. Not as touch sensitive as the Blackstone, but a better high gain tone IMHO. Not as good (compared to the Blackstone) in very low gain settings either (IMHO again), but this is not what I wanted it for.

The boost is simple and very touch sensitive.

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