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Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 8:16 am
by billynightingale
Ok, so my beloved cusack screamer just got a facelift. I recently picked up a durham sexdrive and the results of running it into my cusack screamer were quite amazing. It beefed it up a little bit more, and added loads of clarity and a nice sparkly quality to it. The sexdrive itself is the lowest gain pedal I've ever owned, but it does what I said very well. It really beefs things up as well as adding clarity and sparkle. In addition theres a cool little 3 way switch that let you choose between no compression from the pedal, light compression, and heavy compression which is pretty neat. The other awesome thing I noticed, is that it still sounds incredible even at lower volumes(whereas the screamer by itself thins out a lot when the volume is turned down on the amp). Only downside is the led on it is so damn bright that you literally can't even see the knobs if its on and you're looking down at it. Awesome pedal, and its definitely worth checking out(whether using it on its own or with another pedal).