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Post by NiallB » Mon May 19, 2008 8:39 pm

So, ages ago I asked for some advice on acoustics, and duely went a'searching online, and in my local shops, and, though there were some very nice guitars, nothing made me go :D in the way I wanted.

So I continued to search online, and came across a company called Avalon and became intrigued. I emailed them, and the guy who responded was very pleasant, and informative.

I did however get a bit down-heartened when i discovered that hardly anywhere stocks them, and that we would have to travel all the way to ireland to get a feel for them.

But.........we went to my cousins wedding and the guy who was leading the worship (it was a "modern church" service), was using an Avalon guitar! Went up and had a chat with him, and he was like "yeh sure have a go, see how you like it!"

Then after playing it and becoming smitten, I then wandered into a couple of shops on Denmark street whilst up in London, and discovered some more Avalon guitars! Once again I played and became even more smitten!

So a trip to ireland is on the cards to chat to the Avalon guys and have a semi-custom acoustic made (based on one of their models, but my choice of woods, neck, electrics etc.)

So a thank you for your suggestions, I tried to include them, but became so smitten with the Avalon guitars i didn't get the opportunity to try <i>all</i> of them out (though I did try a fair few!).

I will post more updates after I go to Ireland, and when I have a new acoustic!
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