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Post by JackoMBA » Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:19 pm


I was looking for a good distortion/overdrive pedal for my new amp since the Orange doesn't have quite the gain I want when playing Thrash (Anthrax, some Metallica, Slayer).

I went to my guitar shop this weekend hoping to pick up 1/2 a dozen, try them out, and get one or 2. Turns out they didn't have that many but they did have the Digitech DF7, which has 7 classic distortion pedals into one:

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=150838

1- Ibanez® TS-9*
2- DOD® Overdrive/Preamp 250
3- Boss® DS-1™*
4- Pro Co Ratâ„¢*
5- Metal Zone®*
6- DigiTech® Metal Master™
7- Big Muff®

I stuck my cheap condenser mic on front of my amp so it kinda sounds like a$$ but you'll get the picture of the different types of distortion that it can do.

I'm playing a riff from Among the Living by Anthrax. The first is with the pedal only then I do it again with my BOSS EQ pedal which gives it some boost. The last bit is with the Orange at full gain.

Check it out -

Of course each different pedal should be tweaked depending on what you'd need. I like the Boss Metal Zone (5) with EQ the best for the Thrash sound I'm looking for. But I also love the crunch of the Metal Master (6) and the fuzz of the Big Muff (7).

I'll be keeping it. At $95 I can't go wrong.
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