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Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:15 pm
by adamskiuk
I have had my Rockerverb 50c for some time now and although i am still in love with the sound I am swaying towards an AD30tc combo. I never use the high gain on my RV50c and dont need the loop etc I will miss the verb but can live without it. Is there anything i need to know before doing any deals? most likeley sell mine on the usual auction site and look for one second hand. or trade someone. For example before getting my RV50c i knew to make sure i got a later one with shielded cables etc. Is there anything similar with the ad's? anyone tried both amps? Oh and now that i am totally addicted to Orange when are they releasing a thunderverb combo! I just couldnt imagine our stage setup with anything other thans the orange box on there! :-)