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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:33 am
by jdavis
I was impressed with the MXR analog delay. Was easy to dial in Pink Floyd/U2 tap tempos. Equally as adept at the 50's style slapback rockabilly type echos. Had to set the mix WAY low to keep the effect from completely taking over. Had an ulterior motive for trying out the pedal at GC though. I brought one of my Tiny Terror heads and the ported 1x12 cab with the greenback to try it through. Those guys at GC hate seeing a Tiny Terror because IMHO they don't stock anything that sounds as good. I played with the delay for about 30 minutes and everyone who worked at the store came by to see where all the tone was coming from. One of the salesman actually bought the MXR after he heard it through my rig right on the spot. Said he had the Jones for one and that pushed him over the edge! Everyone LOVED the cab and I was really just wanting some feedback on how it sounded. Gonna stick it on e-bay along with my Pacific 4x12 Tuesday or Wednesday to raise funds for more 13 ply baltic birch and Greenbacks!