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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:14 am
by pinchegordo
so yeah im on my 2nd TT after foolishly relinquishing the first one in search of teh first one was made in korea the one is made in china.there are a few different things but nothing major,so i thought... then i went to a buddies house and played his korean TT and i actually could HEAR a was the toobz.i went and bought(actually traded some other tubes i had),for a set of matched JJ's,yep problem solved.the TT sounds BETTER when me and my buddy AB'd them.the tubes in the PRC TT's are unlabeled chineese tubes,one of them actually had TT stamped in the bottom of it,but other than that no markings of just added some depth and tightness to the distortion more than anything,well worth the $40 you will spend for a set of JJ's.anyone else experienced these results?