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Post by J.W. » Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:49 am

I got a few minutes to screw around with the brand new Line 6 Spider Jam amp tonight. It's the brand spankin' new amp from Line 6 that's like the answer to Fender's G dec. I thought the G Dec was handy, but this thing is much better. I didn't actually plug into it, but I'm sure the tone is nothing to write home about. I just got a chance to mess with the other features, like the backing tracks and other stuff. The backing tracks are where this thing really shines. They sound pretty f'n good actually! The G Dec's rythyms sounded pretty generic and were barely dynamic in terms of sounding like a band. This new Spider Jam actually has a rythym guitar in it, and changes progressions quite nicely without sounding lame or repetitive. The manual says it was actually made from some LA session band's recordings, but you can take that for what it's worth. I didn't have too much time to mess with it extensively, but I think you guys should mess with it next time you're in a GC or other music shop that carries them. You might surprise yourself, especially if you're in the hunt for a good practice amp. Let's just hope these don't break as much as the Spider III's. . . those are extremely unreliable.

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