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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:10 pm
by corky newman
I am getting ready to record so I retubed my recording amps..
The TT got 2 TAD el84's early dist. power tubes and a tung-sol & SED 12ax7.
the cornford harliquin got a TAD as well and the same pre's..I might put the JAN's in there as well to see...

ALL in ALL the TT does the semi crunch killer..and the cornford does the big wall of crunch..the lead tones with the cornford are spot on early SATCH...the cleans on both offer about all the classic cleans you can want..from vox to Fender I like the british cleans better.
Dont know if many of you heard the 6 watt I forgot what kill'in tones were in it..I boost it with a clean boost to bring out more HI end, as it is a very dark sounding amp..between these two little monsters and if I have to bring in my Debeck plexi..its gonna be tone heaven...