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Post by Wired » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:24 am

So my Rocker 30 isn't doin it for me. The sound is amazing, and I love it so, but for what I want I think I need something else. So I'm going to see if someone on Kijiji is willin to trade it straight across for a used AD30HTC.

If that fails I may take it and the cab to my local guitar store and see if I can trade the pairing in for a AD30TC combo. I just like the rawness of the AD series better. The R30 is a great amp, but sounds too modern for my liking, I'm playing heavier blues and classic rock, and the R30 just wont' provide it properly.

If I still haven't done the trade by tax-return time I might use it to buy an AD30TC head and then sell one of them once I decide if its the right decision or not.
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