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Post by Bandeapart » Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:41 pm

I'm effing excited!! So basically my old drummer in "A Bande Apart" decided to pack up and move to Atlanta (I'm in LA) and pursue his thing with the trashy garage rock scene out there and basically today is his last day in California. He's a great friend to me but as a drummer, was a little sloppy. He was very creative, just not very solid, as you can hear on our recordings (links below). He couldn't even follow a click.

But last night, we tried out a new drummer but we only booked an hour in fear that he wouldn't click with us, and we didn't wanna be stuck in a practice space with the guy for an extra hour, that's just awkward. But god, I wish I had 5 hours last night, he was such a solid drummer. I knew he was a pro when he walked in and brought his own cymbals, snare, and pedal instead of using all the crappy rental equipment. He's also done pretty huge stuff in the Latin rock scene before (not my cup of tea) but you can just tell how professionally trained he was. Anyways, I'm excited to get back in the studio with him again and try him out a little further, my only worry is that he has a newborn and if he is unable to tour for long periods of time, we can't use him. Other than that one little "child" obstacle, we have 3 photoshoots booked for the next 3 weekends, finally getting back to business.
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