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Post by shindigmachine » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:27 pm


i was at my bands loft earlier today, and when i turned it on there was this crazy static noise coming out of it for about ten seconds, and then when it stopped, my dirty channel was a little quieter and some of the gain was knocked off, and the clean channel was whisper quiet. but then the problem was on and off and then it just stopped. it makes a loud static filled pop when i plug into it.

it's weird, after a long day of troubleshooting and cutting my pedal board down to the bare minimum, i've concluded that my melody maker's electronics are jacked up somehow, my loopmaster pedals's loops click loudly through the amp when i switch them, and i also think my RK BD2 might be messed up, sometimes it squeals when i use it, but sometimes the amp just squeals. also, the P-90's in my Epi LP Jr and my talman are just not bright enough anymore. i think the melody maker has spoiled me with treble.

i don't know what to do, i'm about ready to take this amp to the shop and see what needs fixed, fix it, and sell it after that. it has all new tubes, the pre's i bought around christmas, and the power tubes i bought in august. i'll get a fender super reverb and a good overdrive and/or fuzz. and have a nice chunk of change leftover (hopefully) to fix up my van a bit.

its very frustrating to be freshly laid off and suddenly your $5000 rig is a crackly piece of crap. :?
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