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Post by buscemi » Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:58 am

Since someone I am going to help record asked me for a sound clip, and they were interested in some of the ways I used my two-amp setup, I figured I'd share it here since I use the TT on it and it might be a little different overal. I don't always use the two-amp setup for strictly A/B with clean/dirty. Sometimes the "Y" is the most fun. Here is a quick sample I threw together for him that uses the Tiny Terror at only about 3 volume (neighbors were around, not enough sound absorption), tone in the middle, gain 3 o'clock and my Blues Junior with flat eq setting but distorted with a modded DS-1, both have EQ pedals in front for very slight enhancement of bottom and top.

Don't mind the generic riffage as I wanted to suit more their style, and note that I know my time is all over the place and also that I cannot play bass but I do my best here. Both amps are playing through separate sides of stereo 4x12 with "nothing special" Bugera speakers and there's an SM57 on the TT side and an SM57 knockoff I bought on a lark on the Blues Junior side.

It is the only sample in the list, called sample1. There may be more there in the future. Here's the link: http://www.plexihosting.com/music/samples.html

Basically, it is a ploy to get the guitarist to at least play something through the TT, maybe coupled with his current amp to make it less painful for him? :)

Edit - The guitar/bass is "as tracked" nothing done but panning and I did "soften" the bass with a preset to downplay the pick attack since I couldn't play well with my fingers.
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