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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 2:22 pm
by enigma
I went to a local shop and played a 2x12 Rockerverb 50, and was floored by the tone. I think it has to be the combination of the speakers and being an open back configuration. But, its 2x12 overall packaging is cumbersome - no handle on top requiring 2 ppl to carry it and such.

I'd love a Rockerverb 50 1 x 12 !!!

Orange, are you listening? High end 1x12 combos are in!

I play my RV100 via a closed back 1x12 Mesa Thiele w/ an EV speaker rated 100w (I'm looking to find one that's open back). While it's incredibly convenient the small, closed back configuration doesn't seem to bring the RV100 to its full potential in tone.