My '72 Tele Deluxe Reissue

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Post by Pacemaker » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:51 pm

Having not played this guitar since about September, I plugged it in tonight and WOW! It responds to my Tiny Terror and all of my effects so incredibly.

I can't believe I neglected this guitar for so long. I absolutely love it. I think I've been playing my Strat instead because of the neck and action, but the '72 RI blows it out of the water in every other way. I'm gonna throw my Duncan Custom in the neck position tomorrow.

On the cosmetic side, I am bummed though, that I was so hasty to buy one that I opted for a Black instead of waiting (well, waiting MORE, it took for-effing-ever) for some Walnut models to get into stock ANYWHERE. And now they have a 3-Tone Sunburst available.

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