any1 know stuff about Kent A45 tube amp?

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Post by UserName » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:34 pm

just got a new, old, tube amp off my friends dad, its about 30 years old id say. a Kent A45.

Its got a 6x9 speaker, lol. 4 tubes. I dont know how many watts. says made in canada. and i get a shock through my guitar depending on what else i touch while playing, lol.

Id put pictures up, but im not very computer savvy.

Cant find barely anything on the internet about this thing, or any Kent product for that matter.

Can any of you guys help me out here. Could i email someone pictures to post for me, or just take a look at them and let me knwo what you think?

Just because its so old, id like to get it back to pristine condition, as much as possible anyways.

Later guys.

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