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Post by joffconnell » Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:21 am

Hey, i'm sorry to keep digging this one up but i need to clear a couple of things up. Firstly, i have a rocker 30 head and a British made ppc112. I want to add another cabinet now but after searching for so long for another british 112, i am either going to have to buy a chinese one or get a ppc212 and use the 112 as a monitor or put it the otherside of the stage when gigging. I like the look of the mini stack with 2 ppc112s but what i need to know is if the sound will be much different with another 112? What is the whole deal with the Chinese cabinets and what is the cause in the lack of quality in them? Is the ppc212 probably a better bet generally?


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