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Posted: Wed May 01, 2002 6:06 am
by voodoochild292

I have never had the pleasure of playing (or even seeing) an Orange amp. I came very close to buying one on eBay a few weeks ago but I learned a lesson long ago that I never buy anything without trying it. It's just that I've heard so many good things about Orange amps and I think an Orange would suit my rock/blues style very well.

Anyway if anybody has ANY kind of sound clips of their Orange in action I would love to hear them.


Posted: Wed May 01, 2002 5:48 pm
by voodoochild292
Thanks a lot Sooner!

It worked when I just right-clicked on the link and saved the target. Sounds awesome.

Anybody else have any sound clips. Particularly of an Orange in a higher gain setting. Let's hear some crunch!

Posted: Mon May 06, 2002 6:53 pm
by voodoochild292
Come on someone else must have something. Share with the people who aren't so fortunate to own one.