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Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2002 3:18 pm
by mandy
Sorry-I had some wrong Informations about the Speakers in my message!
here the right one:
Today i bought definitvely my second ORANGE AD-15/10,because my dealer in switzerland told me,that Orange Inc. didn't build the AD-15/10" anymore,just the AD-15/12".I personally love the 10" Speaker much more and so i tooked the last AD-15/10".I'm very happy about it, exeptionally the speaker. The Celestion Vintage10 /60Watts is much more smoother and warmer,the JENSEN Speaker,who's in it now,sounds like a motor-saw.So i ask my dealer to order an Celestion Vintage10/60/16ohms for my new AD-15 too,because i'm playing stereo now and it sounds absolutly great and you don't have much more baggage with two of them.So if anybody at the Orange-Forum has an AD-15/10 with the Celestion Vintage10/60 Speaker and prefer to have the much more bity sounding JENSEN 10" Speaker,write my an E-mail! We can change it without problems!
So long folks and enjoy your Orange-Babys!
Cordial Mandy

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Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2002 6:37 pm
by theschickster
Hello Mandy!! Did you put the SH-6's in your guitar? I just put a SH-5 in my Les Paul Std in the bridge postion. Just to bright and not enough bass for my style. I'll have to sell it. So i just bought a Sh-8 Invader bridge PU and will put it in next week. I'll let you know how it goes. If you like the SH-6 you might like the SH-5 too. It has alittle more bass and i believe about the same output and treble. Maybe just a tad less midrange. I have three Orange heads right now but have just sold my AD30HTC because of some bills have to be paid. I really love this amp. I'll miss her!

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2002 12:15 pm
by mandy
Hello Brian
thanks a lot for your fast reply! I was really surprised and enjoyed!
I play now guitar for over 35 years and I worked for BLADE Guitars
by Levinson in Switzerland as a Sales Advisor. We had also the distribution of Seymour Duncan for our small country and it was a very good experience for me. So I had the possibility to tried a lot of SD-Pickup’s– and I remember- on my first Gibson SG, I installed the Invader too– it was a monster !
You will be satisfied with this Pickup– I’m sure. A lot of sustain and mids!(sorry for my english– but I’m a Swiss-guy and its’ unfortunately not my mother-language! We all speak swiss-german here – a dreadful dialect!that’s why we have no success in the world – smile!)I personally like sound of the SH-6, because it’s very “bells-likeâ€

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2002 8:58 pm
by theschickster
Right on! Nice site. Though i cant read much the picts are cool. I play alot harder music so that invader should be perfect. If not i'll try the original trembucker. They just started making a Gibson LP Std with three Sh-6's in it. It's mahogany with cherry finish. Looks sweet. It sounds like you had quite a good job. Though playing guitar full time is much better IMO. Well i wish you and Carlo the best of luck out there. Wish me luck over here in the states. My dream is to play full time also. God Bless!!

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 1:55 pm
by mandy
Hi Brian –
thanks for the mail! This is the guitar of my dreams: ... mes02.html
Gibson SG Supreme burstblue – do you know how much
this guitar cost in the USA ?
You wrote that you would like making musik as a fulltime-job.
Believe me Brian, I did it over 10 years!
It’s not always only funny –like I make it now, it’s much
better; we play on little festivals, pub’s, weddings, birthday-partys
etc. and this mostly on weekends.
So if you have your job and the music beyond, it’s simply the
best, because you are always really exited to go playing music and
it’s wonderful for your soul ! (and for the womens too- smile!)
I wish you a very nice weekend and who know’s – maybe someday
we met us in the U.S.A. ?
(we would like to go playing there and I’m shure we would have succes,
because Carlo is a fantastic Saxophon-Player and we have really a
great sound on stage, also when we are just two musicians. The hole
playbacks – only drums,bass&piano, I play all by my self and put it
in my studio on Minidisc! Live we use an ASA-PA /2000Watts (2x18â€