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Your favorite pedals

Post by groundmeat » Wed Jul 20, 2022 5:23 am


Didn't used to. Used to be a rack man. Only pedal I wanted was a wah... and whatever controlled the crap in the rack. But then I hocked the rack stuff and joined the cult by purchasing an Orange Rockerverb 100 mk3 head. Made in Britain, baby. Which is the same place where they make the British people who make the amps, coincidentally.

Just wanted anyone left around this ghost town to share about whatever pedals they really like, or ones they don't have but think are especially cool for whatever reason.

Currently, I'm liking my Greer Amps Moonshot pedal. Greer is company right down the road from me in Athens GA. Never been there to the place itself, but might be making a trip there before the end of the year to see if they can use their expertise to repair my old 1970's Morley PFV phaser pedal. Anyway, the Moonshot is a boost pedal, and supposed to be a Rangemaster clone, or at least their unique take on a Rangemaster. And I like the Rangemaster thing. It's like... if your amp is already breathing fire, a Rangemaster is like adding an oxygen tank to it and turning it into a blow torch.

But seeing as how it's the ONLY "Rangemaster" pedal I've ever really tried with this amp, I'm wondering if there isn't something better out there. I've seen that Fulltone has been making a couple different Ranger pedals which are supposed to be an accurate clone of a Rangemaster. Anybody got any experience with those? Or could anyone recommend any other Rangemaster clone pedals that would coax that authentic peculiar type of scream out an amp?

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Re: Your favorite pedals

Post by bfitz » Wed Aug 03, 2022 1:18 pm


really got 'into' the pedal thing over the last number of years. I rotate quite a bit but a few staples that I use with an Orange AD30 combo and a Groove Tubes Soul-O 75 are

Fuzz - Moose electronics - Nomad / Dobsky vG

OD - Fulltone OCD / Hudson Broadcast Dual / ProCo Turbo Rat / ThorpyFX Warthog

Delay - MXR Carbon Copy (keep coming back to this, its so good) and TC Flashback II (do it all digital delay)

Reverb - TC Hall of Fame 2 and a Walrus Audio SLO

Wobbles - Mooer Elec Lady and a Walrus Audio Monument

Things I regret moving on - Catalinbread Echorec / Boss DD3 / Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz / Zvex Woolly Mammoth / EHX Big Muff (made by Fran)

Next purchase - Boss Blues Driver

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Boss Nextone 40
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Re: Your favorite pedals

Post by bclaire » Sat Aug 06, 2022 3:54 pm

I remember when I was younger trying a couple of pedals and had a funky cable and had to track down which one it was and throwing my hands up in defeat. Easily that was 45 years ago.

Kind of why I've used a TC Electronics G-System for years - very versatile, studio quality effects, channel switches my Orange while simultaneously switching effects, etc. way cool.

That said, I found myself needing a pedal board for my acoustic gigs! I have a Vox volume pedal > Boss tuner (always on) and JHS VCR Ultracolor Volume Chorus Reverb pedal > AKAI Headrush pedal (for the tape echo effects) > Spark pedal > TC Electronics Ditto X4 looper > and either out to my Avalon U-5 or into the Orange Stamp pedal into a 1X12 cab if I need to switch to an electric.

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