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by chili
Wed Jul 10, 2002 1:07 am
Forum: Serial Numbers
Topic: OR 120 combo
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Hey, it's chili with the vintage OR 120 2 x 12 combo again ... For the Orange gearhead who has yet to help me date and source the original spkrs for my combo - the corrected serial number is # 0267. I response from someone in the know would help. Thanks.
by chili
Thu Jul 04, 2002 11:00 pm
Forum: Serial Numbers
Topic: vintage orange OR 120 combo
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I own a vintage orange 2 x 12 combo that holds a peculiar amp head. The chassis is labelled Orange 80, but it sports four EL34 tube sockets that (to my eyes) are O.E.M. - the Sprague filter caps, solder detail, etc. - all scream original factory job. The serial # is 0269, and I believe this amp may ...